• Chebli Group for Engineering Industries is one of the leading companies in the manufacture of bank safes and jewelry in Turkey

    Chebli Group

  • Getting a safe from our factory means that you get the most powerful safe in Turkey

    More protection

  • We use 9 types of raw materials, including 5 types of steel, in the manufacture of one safe

    high reliability

  • The process of making the safe takes place within the latest technology

    Modern techniques

    High security

    Electric doors

    special designs

    Types of Safes

    Corporate Safes

    Banks Safes

    Gold Store Safes

    Our Products

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    CH Protection System

    When you travel, you may give safe code numbers to individuals you trust, and here lies the importance of the C H protection system, as it will send you all the movements of opening and closing the safe through notifications sent to your mobile phone. The safe prohibits entering secret code numbers for trusted individuals outside the scope of work without your permission through CH protection system

    kinds of raw

    Including 5 types of steel to deal with explosives, penetration devices and armed robbery

    Stainless Steel

    The outer layer is made of stainless steel

    Intelligent security systems

    They are associated with highly complex locks, and each of these systems is well thought out to meet the experts in deciphering secret code numbers

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